Victoria To Victory

Thoroughbred Breeders’ Victoria has commissioned a five-part video series to increase national and international awareness of the Victorian breeding industry.

It will showcase what Victorian breeders have to offer and encourage others to experience and participate in this rewarding industry.

Episode 1 (Yearling Prep & Sales)  Highlighting the quality horses and yearling sales in Victoria.
It can be viewed here.

Over the next 12 months further videos will be released on the following subjects:

Episode 2 (Up & Racing)  Focusing on Victorian bred horses performing at the highest level.

Episode 3 (History)  Reviewing the history of Victorian breeding and racing and presenting detailed information on our success over the years.

Episode 4 (Breeding Season)  Showcasing Victorian stallions and the covering process as well as mare and foal relationships.

Episode 5 (Victoria To Victory)  Brings the entire series together to capture all key aspects of the Victorian breeding industry including yearling prep, sales, racing, history, breeding season etc.