Pendragon guarantee from Dato Tan Chin Nam

Dear Breeders

Many of you are still feeling the impact of high service fees from previous years on your businesses and are naturally cautious as you head into the new breeding season.  As a breeder and a long time participant in this industry I want to provide you with some confidence and support.

In 2012 I will give you a guarantee.  The breeders of the first 50 mares who support my stallion Pendragon will have a safety net.

Pay Pendragon’s advertised service fee of $10,000 (plus gst) within 60 days of a successful 45 Day Pregnancy Test and I promise that if you sell any yearling or foal for less than this service fee in the auction ring you will be reimbursed $5,000 – you will get half back.

If you struggle, we will be there to help you out.  Why should you take all the risk.

I am putting my money where my mouth is and providing you with this guarantee because my team and I believe in Pendragon.  From limited opportunities we are seeing glimpses of real promise.  At the time of writing 43 per cent of his racehorses are winners.  The Peak is undefeated after three starts in Hong Kong and is arguably the most promising young horse there.  In Singapore the first of his progeny are starting to hit the tracks and the feedback from trainers like Michael Freedman, Patrick Shaw and Don Baerschiger is very encouraging.

We have worked hard to open up new markets for Pendragon’s progeny and we have done this for the long term benefit of those who support this sire.  Breed to Pendragon in 2012 and you have the opportunity to piggyback on our hard work.

So please consider supporting a stud that is supporting you.  Please consider a sire on the rise in three important marketplaces.

Yours sincerely

Dato Tan Chin Nam