Outback Prince colt Fights for Grantham

One year after Queensland’s devastating floods, the residents of Grantham will finally have something to cheer about this weekend.

Outback Fighter (2c Outback Prince – Proud by Buck’s Pride) is the horse dedicated to raising funds for the ravished community and he will debut on Saturday night in Toowoomba.  “It’s been a long time coming,” David Silver said.  “But it’s probably an ideal time to help Grantham residents get their minds off all they’ve been through.”

Silver manages The Last Stride Grantham Syndicate and there’s obviously a lot of pressure riding on Outback Fighter but win, lose or draw, he’s still raising money for the Grantham Community Centre.

Everyone involved contributes 10 per cent of their fee – from trainer Michael Nolan to the farrier, vets, float companies, lawyers and agistment centres.

The first cheque will be presented to Lockyer Valley Regional Council at Saturday night’s race meeting.  “It would be fantastic if he won, but all we really want to see at this stage is that he can run a good race,” Silver said.  “The main point of the exercise is that Grantham residents can consider Outback Fighter their own, follow his progress and cheer him on.”