New Zealand exports 64 horses to China

A shipment of horses this week marked the first significant investment in the New Zealand thoroughbred industry from China.

With the help of New Zealand Thoroughbred Marketing and Dr Jonathan Hope from Cambridge Equine Hospital, a total of 64 horses were purchased by the Inner-Mongolia industry.  They spent the past month in quarantine before flying to Shanghai on Tuesday with NZ Bloodstock Airfreight.

“We view this as a mutually beneficial partnership,” said Cathy Yang who assisted the Inner-Mongolia industry with their purchases.  “There is an increasing demand for horses in China, while foreign investment remains crucial for the New Zealand industry.”

The shipment principally consisted of thoroughbreds, with a handful of standardbreds also travelling to Horqin in the rural north of China.  “It was very positive to see representatives from China here buying thoroughbreds,” Rich Hill Stud’s John Thompson said.  “Their investment will help push up the bottom line return for breeders which ultimately helps the local economy as all breeders tend to put their financial returns back into the industry.”

New Zealand’s free trade agreement with China played an important role in securing this investment for the industry and has created a platform for further trade in the future.

The New Zealand Thoroughbred Industry exports in excess of 1600 horses annually with an estimated net worth of $135 million.  The Thoroughbred Breeding and Racing Industry contributes some  $791 million to the New Zealand economy and provides employment for more than 30,000.