Leg injury grounds Big Brown

Big Brown has an infected hind leg which will prevent him shuttling to Vinery Australia in 2012.

The 2008 Kentucky Derby winner has covered two southern books but vets recommended against sending the horse down here this year as the extensive travel and quarantine process would not be conducive to his recovery.

Big Brown had sustained a laceration to a hind leg at Three Chimneys Farm and, although not structurally serious, it did become infected which delayed the healing process.

“Those who’ve been around Big Brown for any length of time know him to be a good-natured horse, which makes him a good patient,” Three Chimneys president Case Clay said.  “While his initial injury didn’t affect his ability to cover mares, looking out for his best interest, shuttling would not be conducive to his recovery.”

Big Brown has sired three first-crop winners to date including the USA based youngsters Brown Eyes Blue (Churchill Downs) and Brown Almighty Arlington Park).

Big Brown covered 140 mares during the 2012 northern hemisphere season in Kentucky where he stood for $35,000 service fee.