iPads surpass printed catalogues

Are the days of sale catalogues numbered?

The catalogue  is under attack from a form of technology that is thin, informative and increasingly fashionable.

iPads offer the same internet access that enable users to study sales company websites and view catalogue pages while on the move.  Increasingly common at bloodstock auctions they raise the question, has the catalogue had its day?

In a report out of Europe this week, Goffs and Doncaster Bloodstock Sales boss Henry Beeby admits it’s only a matter of time before they stop producing catalogues in current numbers.  “The global nature of the business is changing the way we do things,” Beeby said.  “The cost of producing catalogues runs to many hundreds of thousands of pounds.”

Tattersalls spokesman Jason Singh said current iPads could soon look like ancient scrolls.  “Online catalogues will become more advanced – at present online pages look like conventional catalogue pages and users tend to mimic what they can do on paper.  Some simply look at our PDF pages on the website, others use apps which enable them to make notes on screen.

“In future these pages will carry more information – updates will appear, drop-down windows will provide form, details of past sales, clips of races and so on.”

In Australia, Inglis is at the forefront with its sales app that gives access to current and upcoming catalogues.  Buyers can view and search for pedigrees, create and edit short lists and assign ratings to each lot.  The app also provides up-to-date sale results and the ‘Make an Offer’ service plus vendor uploaded photos, videos, x-rays and stallion links.

Stop press:  Each State’s monthly racing magazine could also be under threat in the not too distant future.

Racing Queensland Limited recently asked stakeholders their thoughts about its racing magazine in a 15 question survey.  The Queensland monthly is outsourced to The Magazine Publishing Company (TMPC).

Ominously for publishing companies, all the upcoming racing programmes – the original purpose for printing calendars for trainers – are already available online.

– Karl Patterson