Artificial Insemination judgement on Wednesday

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia has advised its members that Justice Robertson will hand down his judgement on the Artificial Insemination Case at 4pm on Wednesday.

Former leviathan bookmaker Bruce McHugh took legal action claiming the refusal to register horses bred via artificial insemination breaches the Trade Practices Act.

Under international rules, only horses that are conceived by “direct cover”, where the stallion directly inseminates the mare, can be registered, which allows them to race and breed.  That rule is being defended by six co-respondents – Thoroughbred Breeders Australia, Australian Turf Club, Victoria Racing Club, Australian Racing Board, Racing Information Services Australia and Australian Stud Book.

The co-respondents have stated the case is really about the industry having the ability – morally and legally – to set the rules by which it is governed.